Little Known Ways Christy Walker & Associates Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Little Known Ways Christy Walker & Associates Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Located on the coast of Lake Norman, Cornelius offers residents gorgeous lakeside views, a tight-knit community, and outdoor activities that range from the waterfront at Ramsey Creek Park to the hiking trails at Jetton Park. The convenient location, only a half hour from Charlotte, makes commuting to the big city for work or play easy. Yet, Cornelius has many attractions of its own, including The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, museums, art galleries, and a dynamic restaurant scene. These perks make it no surprise that real estate in the area is highly sought after.

If you plan to sell a property in Cornelius, you likely know that buyers have high expectations. Even with a strong online presence, an open house is a vital tool for selling your home at market value. Although it might not promote immediate offers, the event attracts more foot traffic to your home. Forty-one percent of buyers attended an open house during their home search in 2022. Local realtors also attend such events. Perhaps this is why homes shown in open houses sell for $9,000 more on average and spend about a week less on the market. The professionals at Christy Walker & Associates understand the value of an open house. That's why we strive to attract as many guests as possible. These open house tips for sellers can help you build interest in your upcoming event.

1. Stage the home before listing

Staging your home prepares it to be viewed by potential buyers. The process includes getting rid of personal items and clutter and decorating in a way that is most likely to appeal to a broad range of buyers. By depersonalizing the house and showing it in the best light possible, you can help buyers visualize how they would use each space to its full potential.

You can choose to stage your home yourself or hire a professional home stager to take care of the job. Either way, you'll begin by boxing up all your personal items and eliminating clutter and excess furnishings. If your walls feature bold colors or unusual patterns, you'll likely want to repaint with neutral colors. Some buyers even use different furniture for staging. Before photos are taken, tasteful decor will be added to enhance the appeal of each room.

In a 2021 survey that included 4,600 properties, staged homes averaged a selling price of $40,000 over listing and spent an average of nine days less on the market than unstaged homes. The process not only de-personalizes your home, it presents each space in the most attractive and functional way possible.

2. Maximize curb appeal

Just like people judge a book by its cover, people (including prospective buyers) will undoubtedly judge your home by its exterior. Curb appeal describes the condition of the outside of your home and the surrounding landscaping. Upgrades like vibrant plants, fresh mulch, and decorative rocks can make the yard more inviting. A fresh coat of paint in a bold hue on doors and shutters works to update your home's exterior. These efforts combine to make a big impact that entices visitors to see what's inside.

3. Use high-quality listing photos

Eighty-five percent of buyers rank photos as very useful in their home search, making it the most effective feature in an online search. If you've been studying the market, you've likely seen many listings featuring bright, clear pictures of spacious rooms and attractive finishes.

Professional photographers know how to shoot photos in a way that maximizes space and lighting to showcase the best features of a property. If yours are shaded, blurry, or out of focus, your listing will fail to present your home's attributes.

Today, most people carry a high-quality camera in their pocket. Home seekers expect to see photos that show every corner of a home and every inch of the surrounding landscaping. Anything less might suggest you have something to hide. Even if you can't afford professional photography, your home sale depends on an array of well-taken pictures that highlight everything your home has to offer.

4. Advertise through multiple platforms

Ninety-six percent of all buyers use the Internet in their home searches. This can include visiting websites, social media interactions, learning about the neighborhood, and conducting a home search. Promoting your open house on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can catch the attention of these prospective buyers. To attract local audiences most likely to attend your event, use geo-targeting features on all of your social media ads. You can also publish open house details on your property's MLS listing, and share the information in any online groups you're a part of.

While advertising online is essential in the modern marketplace, physical advertising is still an effective way to drive local foot traffic. You can put an open house sign above your sale sign in the yard. However, you shouldn't limit your signage to the property. Post signs across the neighborhood and in public places to generate more interest.

5. Virtual tours are still important

Virtual tours have been used by home sellers and realtors in luxury markets for years. The use of these tools became significantly more prevalent across all housing markets during pandemic restrictions in 2020 and 2021. Now, as open houses return, some agents have abandoned virtual tours altogether. This could be a big mistake that limits buyer interest and decreases the number of guests who show up at your open house.

Virtual tours give prospective buyers the most insightful information about a property they can find online. They provide an immersive experience that allows buyers to get a closer look at the home, making it much more likely they'll attend in person. Virtual tours also reach a wider audience, allowing serious buyers to make plans to visit the area when your open house is scheduled.

Partner with Christy Walker & Associates to sell your home in Cornelius, NC

Cornelius, NC real estate is highly desirable, but selling any home is a complex process with many requirements. An open house is a powerful tool that can attract more foot traffic to your home. By attracting more guests to your open house, you can increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

The real estate professionals at Christy Walker & Associates are local residents of the Lake Norman area and have substantial experience helping homeowners in Cornelius sell their properties. With extensive knowledge of the local market and an extended network of professionals in the industry, they take the stress out of selling your home. Contact us to learn more about how our customized marketing plans can help with your Cornelius home sale.
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