Why is now a good time to sell your house?

Before we get into the top 3 reasons to sell your home now, let’s talk about why right now is the best time to sell your home. Currently, our market is white hot and a seller’s market. Inventory is low, meaning there aren’t many homes on the market, and the ones that ARE on the market don’t last long. If you sell your home now, it is very likely it won’t stay on the market for very long, and you’re likely to get top dollar for it.

Why are houses so expensive in 2022?

The price of homes in the United States has steadily been rising for decades, but this recent jump in home prices has been influenced by several factors:
-Lower mortgage interest rates
-Increase in Local Zoning Regulations
-Higher building costs associated with supply shortages
-Demographic change
-Change in land prices
As the cost of financing decreases, more potential home buyers decide to pull the trigger on buying a home, and the demand for homes increases, thus raising prices.

3 Reasons to Sell your Home Now!

  1. Home sellers are most likely to get top-dollar for their homes in the months of May and June and July
    • These months offer potential seller premiums of 10% or more above market value
  2. Inventory is VERY Low
    • There is a limited number of available homes for purchase, meaning that when a listing comes onto the market, it will likely sell pretty quickly, and you are more likely to receive an offer over the asking price to secure a sale
    • The median number of days on the market has been falling since 2017, and as of April 2022 the median stood at 34 days on the market homes are selling in record time


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